Inspired by the passion for artisan wristwatches,
With technological finesse and conscientious quality control,
Multi-patented and splendour of time,
Witness the unyielding artistic legend.

Deep Dive Protector – Precise Timing

A diving watch designed for professional divers, the uni-directional bezel is designed to prevent time readings from being changed due to collisions. Through a combination of meticulous craftsmanship and cutting- edge technology, we have created a seamless fastening between the dial and bezel which makes a crisp sound when the bezel is turned – all done to give you the greatest sense of security for deep diving expeditions.

Deep Dive Protector – Helium Release Valve

In 2009, we developed a Guinness world record-breaking watch that could travel 20,000 feet underwater. We have independently researched and developed a “Helium Release Valve”, which is the crucial feature in the new generation of distinguished diving watches. The long-term decompression of the hyperbaric chamber releases helium to protect both the watch and the wearer for deep-sea expeditions.

Gloss and Matte Style – A Patented Process

Inspired by the various metallic textures on watches, we combined a patented technique which separates the watch into glossy and matte textures. We use intricate hand-polishing techniques to perfect the bezel and lug’s glossy texture, while the case is deliberately sanded into a matte surface. The contrast between gloss and matte on the watch results in a more detailed and elegant appearance.

The Continual of the Classic: Built-in Bezel

The patented built-in unidirectional bezel design is a result of a combination of traditional craftsmanship and creativity. The bezel in the case is precisely constructed and mechanically engineered to fit the dial perfectly. When the bezel is rotated, a crisp sound can be heard and unravels the fine details of the next classic built-in bezel watch.

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