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Esagauge, precision & accuracy

The exquisite craftsmanship is timeless.. From design, casting, polishing, inlaying to embellishment, we pay attention to the meticulous handling of each detail. The inception of our artisan watches stem from a response to our multiple patents and honorary awards.

Esagauge Co. Ltd. uses innovation and technology to produce detailed artisan wristwatches. We are continuously exploring and pushing the boundaries of innovation by showcasing the deftness of our watches in appearance, style, and design aesthetics. We cast, polish and inlay each watch case, dial, bracelets, bands and crown, to ensure it is made to demonstrate our timeless process of watchmaking.

Esagauge has dedicated over 30 years of experience in creating timepieces with equal emphasis on craft and features development. With our breakthrough watch designs and patented technology, we have produced an array of watches including diving and aviation watches inlayed with original Swiss-Made cores and delicate watch accessories . We have contrived the highest quality of hand-made watches with state-of-the-art technology and established a reputation to become one of the most elegant watch brand in Greater China.

Esagauge is committed to the artistic pursuit of hand-made watches through its designs passed down from our traditions. We aspire to create a timeless style of watches that will be appreciated by collectors.

Perpetual Moments

Crafting Immortality