Crafting Immortality


Intricacy within quality, and in quality is value.
Each watch is handled meticulously,
with skillful, experienced hands.
Our watches shine with fine workmanship and artisan quality,
holding an eternal value that will stand the test of time.

Components Cutting
The making of the case relies on the watchmaker’s skilled craft in using the lathe machine. To meet the requirements of creating a specific cut, the watchmaker must handle detailed and careful cutting of the shape and size with less than a hair’s breadth of an error. With rounds of polishing, the distinctly clear and elegant case lines are created.

Exact Dimensions
Each part, down to the dial and the bezel, undergoes cutting and grinding with extreme precision to ensure they fit together seamlessly. Our experienced watchmakers ensure each and every part is exactly the right shape and size, leaving no room for error.

Each watch component requires precise drilling for each groove, line and shaft, to ensure that every part fits perfectly with one another. The size and positioning of each detail is vital in this process. Not only do we use intricate measuring tools and machinery, our expertise in watchmaking showcases our aptitude in creating the finest watches.

Finer accessories require more precise cutting techniques. During this cutting process, our watchmakers, whom are well experienced working with the various materials, knows the best way for the finest cut..

Parts and Assembly
Manual machines operated by the watchmaker are used to fine-tune and assemble the watches individually. The watch is then tested by the machine and then re-tuned again manually by hand. This process is repeated by our professional watchmakers, patiently and meticulously, until all parts of the watch are assembled together perfectly.

Identifying Quality
Each watch undergoes rigorous quality testing before leaving the factory, after the initial manual inspection, calibration instruments ensure that the watch meets the stringent standards and specifications in structural accuracy, mechanical performance and product appearance.

Artistic Legends

Perpetual Moments