Perpetual Moments

Crafting multiple classic watches,
From the streamlined body to the flawless dial,
We demonstrate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship
Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok.
Let time be the best witness.


Breaking Guinness World Record

Set a world record by developing a professional diving wrist watch that reached depths of 20,000 feet.


Birth of Esagauge

With watchmaking expertise originated in Switzerland and Japan,  Esagauge Co. Ltd was among one of the first manufacturers to set up a factory in Greater China. We provided case and strap accessories for the top Swiss watch brands. Our investments in research and development have brought us to the forefront of the watch industry in design, technology and quality.


Multiple Registered Patents

“G3800 Structural Design” Patent Registration (2014) Patent registration for the “Built-in Rotating Bezel Design” (2015)  We have obtained multiple patents through our independent research and development in aesthetic design.


Esagauge Brand Establishment

Esagauge was branded on the inspiration of design and craftsmanship; our watches are crafted with exquisite workmanship and inlaid with top-of-the-line watch accessories.


Esagauge Concept Store Establishment

Our concept store exhibits our exquisite workmanship and classic watches and provides clients with our excellent after-sales support and shopping experience.


Esagauge Online Store Establishment

In response to market demand, we have developed an online platform to provide clients with customizable watches equipped with brand-new watch dials, bands and accessories.

Artistic Legends

Crafting Immortality